Creative Juice is:

Laura Milkowski


Laura is a classically trained singer who traded in her sheet music for the rough and raw emotion of rock 'n roll.

Keith Kirkpatrick


Before co-founding Creative Juice, Keith played guitar with a number of NYC-area rock bands, including Whitestone, Bob Higgins, Slim to None, and Silent Minority. 

Jeff DiBart


Jeff is a seasoned guitarist and vocalist, having fronted cover and originals-only acts such as Firewall, Unholy Water Men, and Dark After.   

Bill Hall


Bill is a veteran of the NYC rock scene, having held down the low in groups such as Evil Prince Ludwig, Modesty Blaze, Nikki & the Tattooed Love Boys, and Slim to None.

Marc Grieco


The newest member of Creative Juice, Marc has played with a variety of groups over the years, including The Ron James Orchestra, Straight 8, Johnny Sheppard and Billy Swing, and MoRock.



You're the secret ingredient in the Creative Juice cocktail! By coming out to sing, dance, and raise a drink with us, you bring out the best in the band!