Creative Juice is:

Laura Milkowski


Laura is a classically trained singer who traded in her sheet music for the rough and raw emotion of rock 'n roll.

Keith Kirkpatrick


Before co-founding Creative Juice, Keith played guitar with a number of NYC-area rock bands, including Whitestone, Bob Higgins, Slim to None, and Silent Minority. 

Jeff DiBart


Jeff is a seasoned guitarist and vocalist, having fronted cover and originals-only acts such as Firewall, Unholy Water Men, and Dark After.   

Bill Hall


Bill is a veteran of the NYC rock scene, having held down the low in groups such as Evil Prince Ludwig, Modesty Blaze, Nikki & the Tattooed Love Boys, and Slim to None.

Scott Arden


Scott Arden has played with a number of NYC-based rock bands over the past two decades, bringing his hard-hitting and driving backbeat to stages around the city.



You're the secret ingredient in the Creative Juice cocktail! By coming out to sing, dance, and raise a drink with us, you bring out the best in the band!